Episode 100 – Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “Land of Terror” with special guest Martian Kat

Martian Kat joins us to discuss Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “Land of Terror”, Star Wars, reading something you wouldn’t normally read on your own, effective uses of satire, bearded women, evolving perceptions of Black Americans in the 1940s, the global war on terror, one-shot adventures in comics, escaping captivity in RPGs, the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck, humanizing the “other”, Twitch streaming, and much more!

Land of Terror

One thought on “Episode 100 – Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “Land of Terror” with special guest Martian Kat”

  1. I really enjoyed the panel’s discussion of this work, especially concerning what appeared to be Burroughs’ misogynistic views concerning women and racism thru the telling of the story. I feel like Burroughs seemed to like to fall back on the white savior pattern in his writings, in that his characters swoop in and remake the faults of the society they find with what they think best. Native populations are simplistic and barbaric, oft lacking common humanity… the other that should be rooted against.

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