Episode 99 – Lord Dunsany’s “Don Rodriguez” with special guest Alyssa Faden

Alyssa Faden joins us to discuss Lord Dunsany’s “Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley”, the Tegel Manor map, ancient history as gaming inspiration, the Wheel of Time series, singing blades, Dunsany’s poetic and relatable prose, the frying pan as a character, how to win a castle, river travelling, staying in character, Yoon Suin crab-men, designing city maps, and much more!

Don Rodriguez

One thought on “Episode 99 – Lord Dunsany’s “Don Rodriguez” with special guest Alyssa Faden”

  1. Another great guest and a book I was unaware of. My father read me a number of short stories by Dunsany. Now I have another novel to look forward too. I recommend “The Book of Wonder” by this author and the illustrations by Syney Sime.

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