Episode 105 – G.K. Chesterton’s “The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare” with special guest Megan Connell

Megan Connell joins us to discuss G.K. Chesterton’s “The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare”, chocolate-covered raisin trees, satire we don’t understand, club infiltration, anarchist elections and bylaws, issues of trust and emotional risk in therapeutic games, good versus evil, dehumanizing those who disagree with us, using XP to encourage better gaming, whether it was all a dream or not, losing cultural context in reading works from before our time, and much more!

The Man Who Was Thursday

Episode 104 – Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood, Volume 1” with special guest Brendan LaSalle

Brendan LaSalle joins us to discuss Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood, Volume 1”, our listeners 100 years from now, ghosts taking over theaters, Barker’s literary beginnings, relatable characters, “Mama, they fed me to the pig!”, Kaiju as political commentary, Willpower saves, stories were everything goes wrong, giving monsters the 411, embodying delusional characters, X-Crawl Classics, and much more!

Books of Blood Volume 1

Episode 103 – Mervyn Peake’s “Titus Groan” with special guest Patrick Stuart

Patrick Stuart joins us to discuss Mervyn Peake’s “Titus Groan”, oral traditions, lush prose, taking pride in working as a servant, the sun as an old cake bun, Peake’s popularity, Cormac McCarthy, Gormenghast as a demiplane, maintaining status quo as a party goal, the court of Melniboné, physical differences as “monstrous traits”, going back in time to support expired Kickstarters, and much more!

Titus Groan

Episode 102 – Michael Shea’s “Nifft the Lean” with special guest Sarah Doom

Sarah Doom joins us to discuss Michael Shea’s “Nifft the Lean”, Vampire: The Masquerade, horror stories set in the Deep South, “big guava breasts”, matching prose style to genre, which came first: humans or demons, the Pagan way of doing things, entitled brats, taking away character agency, drawing upon vocational experience for inspiration, playing characters that are smarter than we are, old school sword and sorcery, and much more!

Nifft the Lean

Episode 101 – Charles R. Saunders’s “Imaro” with special guest Pete Petrusha

Pete Petrusha joins us to discuss Charles R. Saunders’s “Imaro”, developing management skills through game mastering, how map projections shrink Africa, flipping the script, Charles R. Saunders’s legacy, acceptance through truth, depicting differing cultures without judgment, leveling up through campaigns, DCC RPG corruption, the mysterious world outside the PC’s hometown, and much more!


Episode 100 – Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “Land of Terror” with special guest Martian Kat

Martian Kat joins us to discuss Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “Land of Terror”, Star Wars, reading something you wouldn’t normally read on your own, effective uses of satire, bearded women, evolving perceptions of Black Americans in the 1940s, the global war on terror, one-shot adventures in comics, escaping captivity in RPGs, the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck, humanizing the “other”, Twitch streaming, and much more!

Land of Terror

Episode 99 – Lord Dunsany’s “Don Rodriguez” with special guest Alyssa Faden

Alyssa Faden joins us to discuss Lord Dunsany’s “Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley”, the Tegel Manor map, ancient history as gaming inspiration, the Wheel of Time series, singing blades, Dunsany’s poetic and relatable prose, the frying pan as a character, how to win a castle, river travelling, staying in character, Yoon Suin crab-men, designing city maps, and much more!

Don Rodriguez

Episode 98 – Andre Norton’s “Three Against the Witch World” with special guest Little Red Dot

Little Red Dot joins us to discuss Andre Norton’s “Three Against the Witch World”, Fate RPG, reading comics in the barber shop, Mars as Australia, Mercedes Lackey, the division between science fiction and fantasy, the gender spectrum, the gendered divisions of labor, Andre Norton’s bravery, the love of war history, the D&D druid class, Kobold Press, and much more!

Three Against the Witch World