Patron Book Club 121 – N.K. Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season” with our Patron Book Club

Our Patron Book Club joins us to discuss N.K. Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season”, AD&D’s obsession with gem names, the tonal resonances between this book and Octavia E. Butler’s “Fledgling”, the missing moon, savior narratives, sci-fi slang traditions, a melonated future, meta vs in-text author motivations, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, using Numenera for the Broken Earth setting, being surrounded by superheroes, systemic abuse in youth institutions, and much more!

The Fifth Season

Patron Book Club 107 – Ellen Kushner’s “Swordspoint” with our Patron Book Club

Our Patron Book Club joins us to discuss Ellen Kushner’s “Swordspoint”, typing up D&D character sheets on a typewriter, normalized gay content, the 80s crack epidemic, double- and triple-crosses, characters who think they’re smarter than they are, playing a D&D game in the Riverside, gamifying Honor, staying true to social mechanism in the game, DCC Lankhmar, A Princess Bride, A Princess of Mars, and much more!


Episode 82 – Manly Wade Wellman’s “Sherlock Holmes’s War of the Worlds” with our Patron Book Club

Our Patron Book Club joins us to discuss Manly Wade Wellman’s “Sherlock Holmes’s War of the Worlds”, classic Sherlock, the Professor Challenger stories, sycophantic women, the differing moral compasses of the characters, the lens of the Vietnam War, tearing down H.G. Wells, undefeatable villains, adding mechanical wings to random encounters, proto-Lovecrafian beasties, high versus low-level gaming, and much more!


Episode 81 – H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror and Others” with our Patron Book Club

Our Patron Book Club joins us to discuss H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror and Others”, setting construction, Lovecraftian punchlines, Robert Bloch, character development, ancient castles, inescapable monsters, the Whateleys, sudden developments of secret knowledge, characters built on people we know, and much more!


Episode 78 – Robert E. Howard’s “Conan the Warrior” with our Patron Book Club

Members of our Patron Book Club join us to discuss Robert E. Howard’s “Conan the Warrior”, the Conan paperback publication history, Conan’s rapey inner-dialogue, the “barbarism is the natural state of mankind” quote, the roles of priests in sword and sorcery, Red Sonya and Dark Agnes, the strengths and weaknesses of Valeria, the fragile state of Whiteness, Lovecraftian racism, the immensity of the Hyborian world, giving L. Sprague de Camp the credit he’s due, Conan casting spells, and more!


Patron Book Club 65 – Andre Norton’s “Web of the Witch World”

We’re offering a sneak peak into our Patron Book Clubs that happen with our supporters on Patreon before we record each episode. Thanks to Noah Green and Adam Styers for joining this week to discuss Andre Norton’s “Web of the Witch World”!