One thought on “Episode 26 – Lord Dunsany’s “The King of Elfland’s Daughter” with special guest Andrew Sternick”

  1. Awesome episode, gentlemen! I really enjoyed the discussion, which brought up some aspects of the work that hadn’t occurred to me before. Andrew Sternick was a great guest!

    If you are not aware of it, the most recent future DCC module announced is The Queen of Elfland’s Son, by Michael Curtis.

    Also, although it isn’t directly listed, The Charwoman’s Shadow is something I would highly recommend. If you want something different, The Curse of the Wisewoman isn’t really greatly fantasy (or, put another way, what fantasy is within its pages is of a subtle breed), but it is among my favorite Lord Dunsany novels.

    Some of the Jorkens stories can be found in the Dunsany collections, or at least In the Land of Time and Other Fantasy Stories.


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