Episode 110 – Fred Saberhagen’s “Changeling Earth” with special guest Rev. Dak Ultimak

Rev. Dak Ultimak joins us to discuss Fred Saberhagen’s “Changeling Earth”, the DCC RPG zine scene, reclaiming H.P. Lovecraft, tanks and UFOs in fantasy fiction, the paperback culture of the 1970s, transcending humanity, cosmic horror, evil characters getting their comeuppance, the Luke Skywalker-type protagonist, genre crossing, throwing out the Firearms issue of Crawl, and much more!

Changeling Earth

Episode 85 – Fred Saberhagen’s “The Black Mountains” with special guest Jason Vey

Jason Vey joins us to discuss Fred Saberhagen’s “The Black Mountains”, owlbears, waiting for the fun evil parts, the Swords trilogy, cold war themes in a post-apocalyptic world, wizards with swords, the root of the lich, making magic unique, designing for 5e vs DCC RPG, mutations tables, and much more!