Episode 69 – Fritz Leiber’s “Swords and Ice Magic” with special guest Angela Murray

Angela Murray joins us to discuss Fritz Leiber’s “Swords and Ice Magic”, avoiding the GM system mastery trap, unlikable protangonists, women as sex objects, learning more about characters than just their physical descriptions, Norse mythology, Death as an adversary, being upfront about campaign setting elements, the player’s role in story generation, the GM’s responsibility to follow the player’s lead, playing a Dragonborn Cleric who worships a god who hates dragons, reading fiction when you aren’t the target audience, and much more!


Episode 68 – L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter’s “Conan the Buccaneer” with special guest Carmin Vance

Carmin Vance joins us to discuss L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter’s “Conan the Buccaneer”, barriers for entry into the hobby, weird descriptions of breasts, sword and sorcery as escapism, black amazon warriors, reading non-Howard Conan stories, the man-eating trees of Nubia, ritual magic, the bellybuttons of the Easter Island statues, reading with an open mind, and much more!


Episode 67 – Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “Tarzan at the Earth’s Core” with special guest Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes joins us to discuss Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “Tarzan at the Earth’s Core”, contemporary fantasy fiction, the Holmes Basic set, the varying levels of dignity given to the black characters, IP crossovers, surprisingly positive depictions of Germans, “Mahars of Pellucidar”, magic dirigibles, the developmental biology of reptiles, informal vs codified ways of encouraging heroism in RPGs, the incredible speed in which pulp characters learn new languages, the future of Pellucidarian fandom, and much more!

Episode 66 – Lord Dunsany’s “The Charwoman’s Shadow” with special guest Shanna Germain

Shanna Germain joins us to discuss Lord Dunsany’s “The Charwoman’s Shadow”, Dunsany’s evocative prose, shadow magic, fairy tales, the impetuousness of youth, walking 25 miles in a day, love potions, esoteric prices, the lifelong pursuit of magic, the value of reading something you normally wouldn’t, and much more!

Patron Book Club 65 – Andre Norton’s “Web of the Witch World”

We’re offering a sneak peak into our Patron Book Clubs that happen with our supporters on Patreon before we record each episode. Thanks to Noah Green and Adam Styers for joining this week to discuss Andre Norton’s “Web of the Witch World”!

Episode 65 – Andre Norton’s “Web of the Witch World” with special guest Humza Kazmi

Humza Kazmi joins us to discuss Andre Norton’s “Web of the Witch World”, elven fighters, mind reading, the power of love, reclaiming lost power, the culture of Estcarp, domain game play, internal consistency, talismans, character agency, and much more!

Episode 64 – J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Return of the King” with returning guest Daniel J. Bishop

Daniel J. Bishop joins us to discuss J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Return of the King”, the fundamental misunderstandings of the Peter Jackson movies, Tolkien’s Christianity, Frodo and Sam’s gay love, the racist legacy of the Lord of the Rings, bringing our own life experiences to what we read, the value of gaming post-climax, “useless” characters, the appendices, and so much more!


Episodes 62 – Gardner F. Fox’s “Kothar and the Demon Queen” with special guest Elizabeth Chaipraditkul

Hoi and Jeff chat with Elizabeth Chaipraditkul about Gardner F. Fox’s “Kothar and the Demon Queen”, demon summoning, cheesy erotica, sword and sorcery traditions, and much more!