Episode 97 – Clark Ashton Smith’s “Xiccarph” with special guest Cora Buhlert

Cora Buhlert joins us to discuss Clark Ashton Smith’s “Xiccarph”, German science fiction, pulp magazines, morbid beauty, vampire flower women, Jirel of Joiry, the Dark Eye, foreshadowing, Gary Gygax’s exclusion of Clark Ashton Smith from the Appendix N, Alphonse Mucha, doomed protagonists, the 2022 World Science Fiction Convention, and much more!


Episode 96 – August Derleth’s “The Mask of Cthulhu” with special guest Oliver Brackenbury

Oliver Brackenbury joins us to discuss August Derleth’s “The Mask of Cthulhu”, the Lin Carter Conan stories, competing Appendix N Book Club listener complaints, writing in another author’s IP, dem hillbillies who ain’t talk too good, being a broke millennial while reading about haunted inheritances, the authorial voice, psychic residue, letting players continue to run their characters during PC possession, the trappings of the Cthulhu mythos, Lovecraft Country, and much more!

Episode 95 – Fredric Brown’s “What Mad Universe” with special guest Angeline B. Adams

Angeline B. Adams joins us to discuss Fredric Brown’s “What Mad Universe”, psychogeography, toxic fandom, fictionalizing the writer’s process, near-future sci-fi, the Troubles conflict in Northern Ireland, the relationship between the text and the art, loose worldbuilding, environmental and knowledge hazards, having protagonists deal with a big scary world, organic plot development, what this book looks like in other mad universes, and much more!

Episode 94 – Stanley G. Weinbaum’s “The Best of Stanley G. Weinbaum” with special guest Newton Nitro

Newton Nitro joins us to discuss Stanley G. Weinbaum’s “The Best of Stanley G. Weinbaum”, Brazilian speculative fiction, Malazan Book of the Fallen, celebrations of the heterosexual white male, coming to acceptance with death, different cultural moral frameworks, the Virgin-Whore Complex, Brazilian miscegenation, dark humor, reskinning the Keep on the Borderlands, using RPGs to subvert facism, and much more!

Best of Stanley

Episode 93 – Michael Moorcock’s “Elric of Melniboné” with special guest Peter Bebergal

Peter Bebergal joins us to discuss Michael Moorcock’s “Elric of Melniboné”, gaming stores, Gygax’s love of pulp, meta-levels inside of dungeons, grimoires IRL, Elric’s rotating sidekicks, the limits of idealism, the tragedy of addiction, Elric in art, the Eternal Champions, Elric as anime, and much more!


Episode 92 – Roger Zelazny’s “The Hand of Oberon” with special guest Shauntelle Benjamin

Shauntelle Benjamin joins us to discuss Roger Zelazny’s “The Hand of Oberon”, TTRPG Twitch streaming, the protagonist’s internal experience, similiar sounding names, casual incest, combat mechanics in literature, cybernetic limbs, life-draining highways, getting stabbed by uncles you’ve just met, interior monologues in gaming, and much more!

The Hand of Oberon

Episode 91 – Philip José Farmer’s “The Lavalite World” with special guest Kienna Shaw

Kienna Shaw joins us to discuss Philip José Farmer’s “The Lavalite World”, using present-day religious texts as mythology, literary info dumps, the petty egos of immortals, making moral choices when you your life is at stake, close third-person narration, the dangers of presenting racist characters without critique, Bluebeard’s Bride, being a collaborative player instead of a lone wolf, constantly shifting landscapes, and much more!

The Lavalite World

Episode 90 – Fletcher Pratt’s “Invaders from Rigel” with special guest Ginny Loveday

Ginny Loveday joins us to discuss Fletcher Pratt’s “Invaders from Rigel”, small books with even smaller fonts, colonialism, space travellers who don’t understand combustibles, goofily over-capable heroes, interesting adversaries, home play vs organized play, overly replying on combat to handle challenges, separating the art from the artist, and much more!

Invaders From Rigel

Episode 89 – Jack Vance’s “The Killing Machine” with special guest Paige Leitman

Paige Leitman joins us to discuss Jack Vance’s “The Killing Machine”, Alexandre Dumas, sexism, interplanetary skin tones, examples of successful worldbuilding, D&D as a western, roleplaying vs rollplaying, planet-hopping revenge games, Star Wars, the OSR community, and much more!

The Killing Machine

Episode 88 – Fritz Leiber’s “The Big Time” with special guest Jason Ray Carney

Jason Ray Carney joins us to discuss Fritz Leiber’s “The Big Time”, urban modernism, Lovecraft’s fear of the other, period slang, the time travel genre, deeply traumatized protagonists, Leiber’s understanding of language, being the Black Svengali to one’s Trilby, unity of time and space, Conan vs Fafhrd, chronopolitanism, and much more!

The Big Time