Episode 90 – Fletcher Pratt’s “Invaders from Rigel” with special guest Ginny Loveday

Ginny Loveday joins us to discuss Fletcher Pratt’s “Invaders from Rigel”, small books with even smaller fonts, colonialism, space travellers who don’t understand combustibles, goofily over-capable heroes, interesting adversaries, home play vs organized play, overly replying on combat to handle challenges, separating the art from the artist, and much more!

Invaders From Rigel

2 thoughts on “Episode 90 – Fletcher Pratt’s “Invaders from Rigel” with special guest Ginny Loveday”

  1. An enjoyable episode about another Fletcher Pratt book better left alone. Is their a secret Pratt cabal that is forcing you to read these books? As one of the few people on earth to declare himself an L Sprauge DeCamp fan I feel like I would have heard of it. Hoi gets my special love for an obscure Edward Gorey reference. My parents Gorey collection is one of my favorite treasures.

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