Episode 88 – Fritz Leiber’s “The Big Time” with special guest Jason Ray Carney

Jason Ray Carney joins us to discuss Fritz Leiber’s “The Big Time”, urban modernism, Lovecraft’s fear of the other, period slang, the time travel genre, deeply traumatized protagonists, Leiber’s understanding of language, being the Black Svengali to one’s Trilby, unity of time and space, Conan vs Fafhrd, chronopolitanism, and much more!

The Big Time

3 thoughts on “Episode 88 – Fritz Leiber’s “The Big Time” with special guest Jason Ray Carney”

  1. Another fantastic episode – I love the concept that emerged from your discussion of being “chronopolitan”! It captures something that I wholeheartedly relate to, but have struggled to identify. We can surely extend the courtesy of “chronotolerance” to writers from an earlier time, or else are doomed to be disdained by those who come after us, in the future.

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