4 thoughts on “Episode 59 – Robert E. Howard & L. Sprague de Camp’s “Conan the Adventurer” with special guest Agatha Cheng”

  1. You might be interested in the volume, Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures.

    “My blessings! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed “Sword-Woman”. It seemed such a pity to leave her just at the threshold of higher adventures. Your favorite trick of slamming the door on a burst of bugles! And leaving one to wonder what happened next and wanting so badly to know. Aren’t there any more stories about Agnes?” – C.L. Moore

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  2. I got a deep feeling that everyone was judging R. E. H. on one part of his writing career. Conan was a small fragment of his actual professional output. Also, understanding that he was writing for a paycheck and for an audience also needs to be considered. Many of his stories are quite feminist. Also, he had quite a prodigious comedy adventure output.


    1. Hey Adam, thanks for writing in! We’ve received a large number of folks who’ve recommended we read Dark Agnes, and I’d love to check it out some time.

      But yeah, generally for each epsiode, we are just responding to the text we’re discussing. The show is designed just to be a casual conversation about the works so that we can have all manner of guests on! Hoi and I have read some stuff outside of the titles we’ve read but don’t claim to be experts in the writing careers of anyone we discuss. Some of our guests are experts, and others are just cool people who we’re curious about their thoughts.

      If you’re looking for a deep dive into the works of Howard by folks who are looking at his whole writing career, then I’d recommend the Cromcast! They’re awesome!



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