One thought on “Episode 57 – Roger Zelazny’s “The Guns of Avalon” with special guest Ethan Schoonover”

  1. Just listened to the episode. And I noticed some of the guest’s criticisms seem a bit off for someone who’s read the Amber series before. Perhaps it’s because he read them so long ago that he’s forgotten.

    The sarcastic, conversational tone and asides are deliberate, as the first 5 books of the series constitute a narrative told by Corwin to another person (no spoilers) whom he has just met and who has very suddenly become important to him. Almost at the the end of ‘The Courts of Chaos’, Corwin is on the brink of uncertainty and possible danger and thus he may never meet this person again. But since the person is important, Corwin feels the need to explain himself, what he’d done and all the events that had led him to this point.

    So, sitting at the edge of reality, Corwin tells this person his tale … and that telling is the first 5 books of the Amber series.

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