6 thoughts on “Episode 52 – Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “Tanar of Pellucidar” with special guest Noah Green”

  1. Nice job on “Tanar” guys.

    Pellucidar was no doubt inspired by William R. Bradshaw’s “Goddess of Atvatabar” (1892) featuring the discovery of a hollow earth – complete with polar openings – and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World” (1912).

    Burroughs was indeed experiencing a fair degree of marital strife around this time, and would soon divorce his wife Emma in order to marry a much younger woman, Florence Gilbert.

    Keep up the great work!


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  2. Laughed out loud at a very fun episode. I couldn’t have asked for a better replacement than Noah. I missed the Jewish stereotypes, but I will watch for them now.
    I believe Burroughs felt he was writing science fiction, though I think he was creating his own sub-genre. Science adventure fantasy?

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  3. Thinking about your episode, I wonder if the pirates were not there for far longer than you realize. As part of the “time doesn’t exist except as you experience it” thing Pellucidar has going, couldn’t the corsairs have far MORE time than seems reasonable, as well as Abner Perry’s experiencing far LESS time in the first book?

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