We are launching our Patreon!

On Aug 14, 2016 I hosted the first meeting of our in-person Appendix N book club at a small coffee shop in Brooklyn, NY. I was the only one in attendance but I wasn’t discouraged. “If you build it, they will come.” Eventually people started coming and by far the most enthusiastic and dedicated member of the group was Hoi.

Hoi and I talked about ways we could share our literary journey with a larger audience and less than a year later on July 4, 2017, we released the first episode of the Appendix N Book Club podcast.

Now we’re asking ourselves: What’s next? How can we make this show even better? And engage with even more people? …and that’s where Patreon and our patrons come in!

In addition to offsetting existing costs, our goals include:
– Improving audio quality: Investing in better mics, hardware, software, etc.
– Growing audience: Using boosted Facebook posts, sponsored Twitter posts, etc. to spread the word
– Increasing listener engagement: Hosting a virtual book club where we can discuss the books with our patrons before we record each episode

Our show will always be free, but with your support it will get better and reach an even larger audience! In return we will be give patrons early access to episodes, give patron shout-outs on the show, and offer a virtual book club with at least one of us before each recording.

Thank you for your considered patronage and until then…

See you in the stacks! Read on!



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