2 thoughts on “Episode 22 – Extra Credit – Clark Ashton Smith’s “Zothique” with special guest Andy Markham”

  1. In the The Dark Eidolon, Namirrha is a beggar with poor Luck, who has rolled Wild Child as a birth augur, leaving himself with a penalty to his movement speed. His funnel was “Going southward into Tasuun, he lost his way in the great desert, and was near to perishing.”

    “And one day the prince Zotulla, a boy but little older than he, riding a restive palfrey, came upon him in the square before the imperial palace; and Narthos implored an alms. But Zotulla, scorning his plea, rode arrogantly forward, spurring the palfrey; and Narthos was ridden down and trampled under its hooves. And afterward, nigh to death from the trampling, he lay senseless for many hours, while the people passed him by unheeding. And at last, regaining his senses, he dragged himself to his hovel; but he limped a little thereafter all his days, and the mark of one hoof remained like a brand on his body, fading never.”

    Clearly an influence on DCC.

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