Episode 78 – Robert E. Howard’s “Conan the Warrior” with our Patron Book Club

Members of our Patron Book Club (Jeremy Harper, Christopher Murrie, and Adam Styers) join us to discuss Robert E. Howard’s “Conan the Warrior”, the Conan paperback publication history, Conan’s rapey inner-dialogue, the “barbarism is the natural state of mankind” quote, the roles of priests in sword and sorcery, Red Sonya and Dark Agnes, the strengths and weaknesses of Valeria, the fragile state of Whiteness, Lovecraftian racism, the immensity of the Hyborian world, giving L. Sprague de Camp the credit he’s due, Conan casting spells, and more!


Patron Book Club 65 – Andre Norton’s “Web of the Witch World”

We’re offering a sneak peak into our Patron Book Clubs that happen with our supporters on Patreon before we record each episode. Thanks to Noah Green and Adam Styers for joining this week to discuss Andre Norton’s “Web of the Witch World”!